Bananas Bar 
A disgusting banana-flavored taffy bar that only true weirdos buy.

A weird chain of fast-food restaurants pretty much unheard of outside of small prairie towns, but literally the only fast-food option in Hillview, making it a true cultural hotspot by necessity. Rumor has it there's planar trapdoor out back. Travis's cousin Jasmine works there and says the dumpster never needs to be emptied. Also, try the gobber burger.

Often called "Cartel-us" by it's customers, Cordellus is the leading (pronounced "only") phone and internet service provider in the region. A subsidiary of Lac Morelle Munitions.

Your body is a disaster. Soft, weak, fed nothing but garbage and rap music. Fitpit wants to change all that with its healthy, healthful, healthtious wraps and smoothies. Undo years of neglect with a thirteen dollar tumbler of liquified flora. 

Gert's Cola
Bite Cola's competition brand, Gert is slightly milder, and brand's itself as such with a round, adorable cartoon animal mascot called "Gert". In the commercials, Gert always starts fast asleep, looking sorta cat-like, sorta bear-like, and fully Gert-like. Then it drinks a Gert cola, gets a sugar rush, and starts dancing. It might be the robot, it might be the samba, it might be the dougie, but it's always the best thing anyone has ever seen. Then as quickly as it started, it ends, with Gert plopping back down and falling asleep. As you can imagine, Gert has become a cultural phenomenon, a phenomenon that exploded a second time in the Slugblaster community with the discovery of Low-walking Chinless Meadow Seals on Empyrean, a species so uncannily similar to the cola's mascot, both in appearance and behavior, that everyone, including the meta-zoologist that first discovered them, now just call them "Gerts".

Boasting quantity over quality, Nutjob chocolate bars are popular mostly for being the closest thing to a full meal you can buy from a vending machine. Seventy-five grams of nuts and nougat, man. 

Pix Soda
The slogan on the cans might suggest that there are 72 flavors of Pix Soda, but the gas station in town only carries four: Lemon Lime, Total Orange, Grape Mango, and Carrot. 

Redcan Energy Drinks
Banned from schools and sold out of it's own cool little mini-fridge at the gas station, Redcan is basically nitro for the teenage body. 

Smarmel Bar
A peanut butter fudge lattice, nano-texture crispywhisps, smore-level chocolate coating with a melting point of exacting mouth temperature, and no fewer than three kinds of caramel in that swirl. I bet you didn't even know there were more kinds of caramel. This is it, kids, the bar your parents warned you about. 

Treat your nose to a luxurious blow. 

The ads show happy, excited, hip-looking customers picking out amazing and crazy toppings to be piled high on top of their giant customized submarine sandwiches. Last month someone heard that Hillview might be getting one of these next summer, and nobody can stop talking about it. 

Uncle Slush
Uncle slush dominated the semi-frozen gas station self-pour market two years ago when it was somehow awarded a patent on Brain Freeze®, a chemical additive with nearly identical chemical structures to a nerve toxin developed by Uncle Slush's parent corporation, Lac Morelle Munitions.