Two-and-a-half minute videos about people with disabilities.



This is Kevin. He is mechanically minded, and loves busses, trains, fans, and slot-machines. He also loves music of (almost) all genres, and has started making his own, under the name "PK". See how his dad and producer, Justin, work with him to make music he can be proud of. 



This is Tyler! Tyler has Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (and some other conditions) which affects his muscles, and makes it hard for him to move and speak. He likes metal, violent video games, and pro wrestling, which he goes to every month. 

Featuring "You're Mine (and I'm Yours)" by Doug Hoyer!



This is Ryan! Ryan is a regular at his local bar's karaoke nights. He loves music, and is using his love of music to connect with his community.




This is Sean! He's into tools and trains and cars. He rides horses and works at a building centre. And last year, he started at Fort Edmonton Park, where he helps guests learn about the train. Check it out!  

Featuring "Middle of the Night" by Christian Hansen! 



This is Carrie. She's a television reporter, a gold-winning paraolympian, and is legally blind. She she teaches us about goalball, and explains why smartphones are changing things for people with disabilities.

Featuring "Peckerwood" by Christian Hansen



Oh man. This one was fun. Andre has this non-stop imagination and is crazy-good at doing impressions. He also has a great sense of humour. This is probably my personal favourite. 

Featuring "Take on Another One", by Ghost Cousin!



Meet Anthony, the guy I work with, my good friend, my groomsman, and the namesake and head delivery guy for Anthony at Your Service, a delivery business I co-founded with Anthony's mom that employs people with intellectual disabilities. 


And another one of my favourites, this follows Anthony and that million dollar smile through a typical work day, and features the song "Come Tomorrow", by Renny Wilson!



Edgar Jackson was paralyzed from the neck down 16 years ago. Since then he has started his own safety auditing company and walked his daughter down the aisle. 

Featuring "Gamblin Woman Rock" by Caity Fisher!



This is Brad. Brad has autism. He has a knack for building things. He can understand any diagram and is really really good at putting together ikea furniture. His Dad, Mark, has helped him start his own furniture assembly business, called Made By Brad.

Featuring "Little Things" by Doug Hoyer!



This is Ben. Ben has fairly severe autism, and needs a lot of support. He can't talk, and even has trouble moving, but he is fascinated by the world around him. See how his family and support workers have helped him become a photographer. 

Featuring "Same Sun, Same Moon" by Flora!



This is Shauna. She developed severe rheumatoid arthritis when she was 17. 

Shauna talks about raising her son, becoming an accountant, and shows us the array of homemade tools she uses to get ready each morning. 

Featuring  "Mr. F-L-Y" by Teddy Holtby



This is Grant. Grant is a guy with autism, who sees the world in ways others don't. He is an artist. Watch how his family and support workers have helped him embrace his interests, form his identity, and be involved in the art community. 

Featuring "Send in the Clouds" by Cantoo!



This is Aaron. Aaron has autism. Even though Aaron is great at speaking and reading outloud, he sometimes has trouble communicating his needs. His mom shows us how she used lego to teach Aaron to ask for help, and his love of lego has grown into a business!

Featuring "Already Gone" by Doug Hoyer!

Thank you to Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Doug Hoyer and the other musicians who provided music, Skills Society, and all the people who let me into their lives to help them tell their stories.