Attitude is everything. 

Your character is built from attitude. These characteristics are what drive you, determine how you approach things, keep you going, and make you who you are.

In Slugblaster, your attitude cards represent your level, your hitpoints, and the number of actions you can take. 

The five types of attitude are: Grit, Wit, Pluck, Luck, and Heart


Grit is toughness, focus, patience, resilience, and ability to dust yourself off and take another crack at it. When you do something with grit, you’re not expecting it to be easy. You are the master of the long game, and when everyone else has gone home, you're just getting started. Sometimes the only way is the hard way, so clench your teeth and power through. 


Wit is curiosity, love-of-learning, a fascination with the world and how it works, and willingness to think about things from different angles. When you do something with Wit, you’re thinking through your options, problem solving in a unique way, and drawing on the things you’ve learned from a library book, or an internet video, or by watching your dad change a flat tire. Knowing might be half the battle, but asking questions is the other half. 


Pluck is confidence, boldness, sass, and chutzpah. When you do something with pluck, you are betting on yourself, challenging convention, and throwing caution to the wind.  You're all about fast, high-risk, high-reward results, because well-behaved women rarely make history and people too afraid of doing wrong something rarely do anything great.


Luck is effortlessness, zen, flow, and paying attention to the opportunities the multiverse brings you. When you do something with luck, you are doing it by feel, just seeing what happens, throwing a knuckle ball, and seeing the solution everyone was too busy to notice. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, right? You try not to assume, and by planning for nothing, you're ready for anything. 


Heart is integrity, intuition, passion, and empathy. When you do something with heart you are doing it with conviction, seeing things from someone else’s perspective, thinking like the enemy, drawing on an inner strength, flying into a blind (hopefully righteous) rage, or fighting for something bigger than yourself.